What is Neutrøis?

Neutrois is a non-binary gender identity that falls under the genderqueer or transgender umbrellas.


There is no one definition of Neutrois, since each person that self-identifies as such experiences their gender differently. The most common ones are:

    • Gender Neutral
    • Null-gender
    • Neither male nor female
    • Genderless
    • Agender
    • Non-Binary

Have a look at our Neutrois FAQ for a more in depth discussion about what Neutrois is and isn’t. Understand more about relevant concepts such as gender identity and gender expression, or familiarize yourself with commonly used terms such as transgender and genderqueer.

Am I Neutrois?

Only you can know the answer to that, but don’t be disappointed if you’re not sure right away. People who have a gender identity that is distinct from their body often have a discovery period where they explore their gender and figure out where they lie on the gender spectrum. Some find a label that fits, such as neutrois or genderqueer, while others prefer to describe their identity in their own unique way.

You’re probably here to learn more about yourself or about being neutrois, so welcome!

What Next?

Neutrois typically experience a sense of gender dysphoria, and often have a strong desire to reflect their internal gender. Dysphoria can be physical, such as feeling in the “wrong” body; or social, from being seen, categorized, labeled and treated as a man or woman when neither of these fit.

Transition may include using an ambiguously gendered name or gender-neutral pronouns, expressing one’s gender through clothing, hairstyle, or mannerisms, and can involve the hormonal or surgical alteration of primary and/or secondary sex characteristics of the body.

Not all neutrois have transitioned or wish to transition. Most importantly, transition isn’t all-or-nothing, one-size-fits-all. If you are considering transition, start by learning what is possible, and then figure out what is right for you.

Where do I learn more?

The internet is a big place, and this might be your first stop, or your fiftieth, on your way to understand more about neutrois and gender. But rest assured it’s not the only one. There are many more places, both online and offline, where people talk about identifying as neutrois (or transgender or genderqueer), coming out, being part of the LGBTQ umbrella, and gender in general.

Check out this list of useful resources and explore what else is out there.

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