There is a growing network of neutrois, transgender, genderqueer, or otherwise identified people. Housed in numerous online communities, they use these platforms to tell their stories, share their troubles, garner support, explore new territory, learn, and above all, connect with each other.

Below is but a short list of the many sites and blogs out there. Discover and enjoy.

Micah blogs at and
“What began as a way to document my transition has turned into an exploration of the unique challenges I face as a non-binary transgender person. How do I navigate a binary world in a non-binary gender?”
Marilyn Roxie is behind
Genderqueer Identities has amassed an incredible amount of resources, links, questions, theories, analyses, and anything else relating to gender, including lots of conversations around being neutrois, agender, genderless, or any other flavor of genderqueer.
A Non-Binary Butch in the South blogs at
“Twenty-Something. Butch. Non-binary. Non-male identified. Post top-surgery.”
Jillian blogs at and
“I like to write novels full of existential philosophy and unconventional relationships. I’m also an existential philosopher interested in questioning convention and living simply. If you like these things too, let’s be friends.”
J.C. Prime blogs at
“I’m non-binary, transitioning, leaning more and more towards agender/neutrois as time and transition goes on.”
Riley blogs at
“I am is a 23 year old California native who identifies as agender, queer, and polyamorous. My blog is about those things; my opinions on them, how they relate to my life, and the like. :)”
Evan blogs at
“I’m Evan and this is where I post my thoughts, experiences, theories, speculations, and occasional writings about trans*-related topics”
jrbaldwin blogs at
“I’m just starting out on this blog, so stay tuned for more in the future 🙂 Right now, it is more of a personal exploration for myself, but I look forward to writing more general content about non-binary transgenderism in the future!”
Wes blogs at
“I just recently converted it to a personal blog from a transition blog, but I’ll still be talking about my gender and transition pretty frequently, as well as listing/reblogging sources that I find appropriate in the context of the blog.”
“I’m a mid-twenties queer/genderqueer nearly-graduate. I tend to blog about things relating to generic geekery, as well as trans*/gender, sexuality, vegetarian, transfeminist and intactivism related issues.”
Ryan blogs at
“I talk about my personal experiences at home/ with school policy. A lot of it is reblogging radical queer stuff.”
“I talk about being agender occasionally, but it’s not really a main theme on my tumblr.”

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